10 Reasons Why West of Norway Rocks the World
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10 Reasons Why West of Norway Rocks the World

10 Reasons Why West of Norway Rocks the World

10 Reasons Why West of Norway Rocks the World

Our favorite little narrow country in the North of Europe has surely received a lot of attention in the past few years. More and more tourists are travelling to Norway to explore the nature, do sports, sleep outdoors, eat fresh food, drink crystal clear water from the waterfalls and  inhale Inhale, Inhale pure mountain air!

We came up with a top list of reasons why Norway, and the West Coast of Norway makes all the people go nuts for it.

1. It has mountains. Not just mountains, but the ones that are covered with countless waterfalls, forests and little lakes on the top. Did you know that starting from 20th century Norway started caring for its environment as a top priority? Meaning that you can actually drink water from all the waterfalls that are running from the mountain tops. This is a real “Mountain Dew” not some soda!


2. Fjords! Yes these deep bodies of water are actually filled with salty ocean water and extend dozens of kilometers to the inland. Fiords are full of various types of fish – making it a natural heaven for fishing enthusiasts. Many people also go diving there – people still find old Viking ship remains and priceless artifacts.


3. Perfect for extreme sports. Sky diving, Parachuting, Rafting, Snowboarding – we have it all here in West of Norway.


4. It is relaxed. It is not only about the people, it is also about the environment. You do not necessarily have to be super fit to experience Norway. Just take one of those fiord trips available in Bergen and breathe in the salty crispy ocean air. And relax. And relax again.


5. It is one of the safest countries in the world, according to most economic and crime rate reports. It means that Norway is perfect for long night walks, and is a place to raise a family. You also can drink more than a few pints of beer, and not to worry that your wallet or mobile will be stolen.


6. It has glaciers, which offer unique vegetation, environment, views and the ability to do winter sports during summer time. For example Folgefonna plateu. It lies in the area close to Hardanger fiord. Every 80 years huge chungs of the glacier slide down to the surrounding areas and villages. It is safe to go there now, but the forces of nature have to be taken with caution!


7. It is the home for trolls. The ancient beasts still lurk in forests, sometimes attacking unsuspecting travelers… sometimes rewarding the brave ones with gold. Nowadays most of them got bit smaller and lurk on the shelves of Souvenir Shops in Bergen. Still one can be a worthy companion to take home, because these beings considered to be uniquely Norwegian.


8. It is the home of wood nymphs. Huldra, and the other wood Numphs used to live in forests. Their main aim was lure single male travelers into forests, sometimes rewarding, sometimes punishing and killing them. One way or another – dying in the hands of a beautiful naked lady in the middle of a forest might not be the worst way to die for a man huh? Many tourists taking a train from Flam to Myrdal, have actually seen wood nymphs dancing near the waterfall. Give it a try.


9.  The girls! Well for our female readers, perhaps the boys? Anyway, once the summer comes, everyone in Bergen becomes so relaxed, that the second largest city of Norway becomes the city of Short Shorts. See it for yourself in July!


10. Fresh seafood. Norwegians consume and export a lot of fish. So for all those, who want to taste fresh and well made fish dishes – Norway is to go!


Keep visiting our Facebook Page and website for more reasons to visit Norway. Do you have other reasons? Write us an email, let us share! And as a little bonus – try coming back to read this article again – you will notice that the pictures of Instagram users appear to illustrate our findings! All of the images illustrating our findings come from public social media profiles that you can explore! Find more reasons!

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